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Oklahoma State University

Degree Programs

The OSUTeach program provides five degree options.  Students earn their B.S. in the major of their choice, and complete the requirements for secondary teacher certification.


Biological Science is the study of living organisms from molecular organization to their complex ecological relationships. Majors gain knowledge in areas including investigation, research and analysis, as well as the ability to understand how organisms function and develop over time. Graduates can work in education, research or in other areas of a wide range of public and private sector employers, similar to biochemistry majors. They can also go on to medical school.

Biology Degree Requirements

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Biology


Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition, structure and interactions of matter. OSU students receive strong backgrounds in analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. They go to work at the forefront of advancing new technologies to solve problems involving human and animal health, the environment, energy alternatives, conservation, new materials, detection of hazardous substances and law enforcement.

Chemistry Degree Requirements

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Chemistry


The Boone Pickens School of Geology prepares students for careers in industry and government as well as graduate studies by interpreting the history of Earth and other planets. This study increases awareness of the interaction between the Earth's processes and its environment to benefit society through natural resources identification, understanding environmental change and recognizing geologic hazards. Graduates go on to work in government, consulting, research, education or the energy industry.

Geology Degree Requirements

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Geology (Earth/Space)

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Geology (Physical)


Mathematics is used in engineering, the physical and biological sciences, economics, computer science and more. Any student with a strong background in algebra and trigonometry and an interest in mathematics may begin college, study in the calculus sequence, and then, in their sophomore or junior year, choose a specialization such as pure, applied or financial math. Graduates can go on to careers in research, academia, education or business.

Mathematics Degree Requirements

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Mathematics


Physics majors study the laws governing the natural world and develop the critical skills of observation and quantitative analysis for use in experiments and theory. The traditional degree option is designed for students who want a comprehensive background appropriate for further graduate study at the masters or doctoral level. The Applied Physics Option is also available for students who want to combine it with another background such as geology, business or engineering. Careers are available in business, research, government, industry, education and academia.

Physics Degree Requirements

Finish In Four Degree Plan - Physics