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Oklahoma State University

OSUTeach Courses

The following courses prepare OSUTeach students for a career in secondary education.

SMED 1012 – Inquiry Approaches to Teaching – Step 1

Step 1 allows students to design and teach science or mathematics lessons they have written based on district curriculum.  This two hour course allows students to try out teaching with no obligation to remain the the program.

SMED 3013 – Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science

This course teaches students to construct the model of knowing and learning that they will take with them into their classrooms.

MATH 3303 – Functions and Modeling

OSUTeach students engage in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand their knowledge of secondary mathematics topics. 

SMED 4611/4613 or MATH 3933 – Research Methods

OSUTeach students perform independent inquiries and learn to combine skills from mathematics and science to solve research problems. Science students complete over 60 hours of lab research. Both math and science students present their research findings by presenting posters at the annual OSUTeach Pre-service Teacher Research Symposium each Spring.

SMED 4013 – Classroom Interactions

This course provides opportunities for students to see how theories explored in Knowing and Learning play out in instructional settings. Students design and implement instructional activities and evaluate the outcomes of those activities on the basis of student artifacts (i.e., what students say, do, or create). 

SMED 4023 – Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics and Science

This course teaches students how to engage learners in exploring authentic, important, and meaningful questions of real concern to high school students and also promotes equitable and diverse participation. This course completes students' preparation for Apprentice Teaching.

CIED 4720 – Internship in the Secondary Schools

This course reinforces and expands teaching strategies that students have developed through their coursework and field experiences, and also fills any gaps in students' professional development.