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Oklahoma State University

Internship Opportunities

OSUTeach and Noyce support paid internship opportunities for OSUTeach majors and undergradutate majors in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics. Noyce Summer Internships and OSUTeach Summer Internships provide opportunities for students to gain teaching and STEM experience in zoos, aquariums, museums, summer camps for children, summer STEM classes, or in the public schools during summer school. Interns must be majoring in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, or physics and have a GPA of at least 2.5 or higher to be eligible for the internships. The pay rates and hours available vary by internship. Some internships may last a week, weekend, or entire summer. All interns are required to showcase the results of their internship during an Internship Showcase in the fall semester following the internships.

Click here for the 2019 Internship Application

Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OKDescriptions of some of our previous internship opportunities are provided below. New internship opportunities will be added to this list as they become available. 

Assist the education team in teaching classes to children and Aquarium guests. Interns will help facilitate a day camp and create lessons to teach at the camp (for example, a lesson on jellyfish). Interns will explore the aquarium and see what happens behind the scenes!

Oklahoma City Zoo 

Assist with summer camps, prepare snacks and crafts, and help campers around the zoo. Interns will assist in teaching lessons and handling lesson props like biofacts, animals, posters, and more.

Tulsa Union Public Schools with the Tulsa STEM Alliance in Tulsa, OK

Work with multiple camps; for example, an all girls robotics camp at Union High School or an engineering camp that built a deck for the Tulsa Zoo. Interns will work with kids of many ages in a variety of teaching environments.

Fab Lab in Tulsa, OK

Learn how to use different engineering machinery as well as teach students how to operate these complex machines. Interns will use laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, shop bots and more to help students design and build their own creations. Previous interns assisted students with designing a skateboard and high school students with designing a lamp, all while using computer software. This internship provides an amazing education experience while broadening science and engineering skills.

Tulsa Zoo

The Cox Nature Exchange in the education department of the Tulsa Zoo allows you to assist with education outreach programs. Interns will work with children ranging from 6-12 years old in summer camps; assist in teaching lessons and handling lesson props like biofacts, animals, posters, etc; and learn about informal education and the wonderful world of zoo education.

Upward Bound at Oklahoma State University

Be an assistant teacher for the Upward Bound science classes at OSU. Help teach biology, chemistry, and physics in a classroom setting to high school kids of different ages in the life science building on campus. Help the students understand concepts that are taught in class along with assigned classwork and homework. As well, create a curriculum for one day of each week and teach it to the class.


Assist in running various programs at Stillwater's Wondertorium. The Wondertorium engages children and adults in inquiry-based exploration, creativity, and learning through play. Participate in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) activities geared to engage young minds through movement and play.


Assist Stillwater Public School teachers in planning and and teaching a three week long STEM camp for local middle school students. During the camp students explore engineering through various activities such as a visit to Stillwater Regional Airport to tour and explore the MD-80.

Other STEM Opportunities

We are always looking for new possible STEM education internship sites. If you know of a STEM site in OKC, Tulsa, Stillwater or beyond, please contact us at