OSU Teach

Incoming and Current OSU Freshmen

The OSUTeach program provides science (biological science, chemistry, geology, and physics) and mathematics majors with the opportunity to try out teaching in elementary and middle school classrooms in two introductory courses (STEP 1 and STEP 2). The courses require minimal time (each is 1-credit) and a limited financial commitment (students receive a $125 scholarship for completing each course). The courses will help students decide if they want to pursue a science or mathematics degree with a secondary teacher certification option. These degrees provide students with flexibility in future careers by preparing them with strong content knowledge in their discipline, as well as the professional education courses necessary for a successful secondary teaching career.

Students wanting to enroll in STEP 1 and/or STEP 2 should talk with their academic advisor and meet with Ms. Leslie Evans to learn more about the class (please call 405-744-6350 to schedule an appointment with Ms. Evans). Students do not need to declare a secondary teacher certification option to enroll in these courses. However, students who select one of the secondary teacher certification options will become eligible for other opportunities available through the OSUTeach program, such as grants and internships.

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